Woman SmilingFree services are for our friends in need! If you can afford to pay, please visit our services page and hire one of our holistic practitioners, who have invested years of time, money, and effort to learn about holistic healing on a professional level. At the same time, we realize that paying out of pocket may be out of reach for some. To make holistic healthcare accessible, we are offering the following free options:

Free Video Consultation / Case Study Opportunity

This option is for people in financial need. We offer free video consultations with the caveat that the conversation video will be recorded and shared publicly as a case study. If you are interested, check out our services page and schedule with an available practitioner. Please note: Only one free video consult will be offered every 2-3 months for the same client, and we can't guarantee availability. 

Free Healing Clinic on MeWe

This is a virtual holistic healing clinic where a variety of practitioners offer free and low-cost healing services to people suffering from a variety of conditions. We especially want to help victims of covid vaccines as well as people suffering from long covid. You will get a confidential one-on-one session with a practitioner volunteer. Subject to availability of practitioners. Join here: Free Healing Clinic on MeWe